The Watercare pumping station located next to Te Puru Community Centre Building has overflown overnight on the 7th March causing damage to the park walkways, ground floor studio and the Te Puru Park fields.

We have had Watercare contractors on site this morning who have confirmed there has unfortunately been a sewage leak from the pumping station the flooding of the storm water drains has caused this water to flow right across the fields and down the access way.

This job is urgent on the list for Auckland Council due to the Health and Safety risks associated and will be addressed and fixed ASAP!.

We ask if all member's of the public could stay off the fields at this time and no trainings will be allowed until further notice and please take extra care using the access road for walking as many parts of it have slipped away.

Our studio has also been effected by flooding and we are working on having this commercially sorted ASAP classes in the studio are cancelled until further notice and we will be advising as soon as this is sorted hopefully all back up and running by tomorrow but will keep you posted!

All other areas such as sports hall, function room, club rooms are unaffected and will run as per usual.

We appreciate your patience at this time and apologies for the inconvenience