A special thanks to all people who provide sponsorship and funding to Te Puru Community Centre. Without your support we would not be able to provide such valuable services to our local community.


Community Organisation Grants Scheme

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) is a community based grant-making scheme, providing grants to community organisations that provide social services to people from one or more of the COGS priority sectors. Funding decisions are made by local distribution committees (LDCs)made up of people elected by the community.

Ph: 0800 824 824

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The Lion Foundation

The Lion FoundationThe lion foundation is a charitable trust that exists for the purpose of raising funds for the community.

Ph: 0800 802 908

Fax: (09) 488 7747


ASB Trusts

ASB Community Trust is an independent grant making organisation supporting the work of not-for-profit groups in Auckland and Northland. The trust makes grants in education, arts, sport, recreation, environment, heritage, health and social services areas. The trust has distributed almost $600m since being formed in 1988.

Ph: 0800 272 848 

Fax: (09) 378 6954


Auckland City Council 

Auckland City Council Working together to provide a great future by delivering valued service and leadership.

Ph: (09) 301 0101 

Fax (09) 301 0100


Pub Charity

Pub Charity Pub Charity has contributed to many New Zealand community causes for community groups in a range of areas including health, sport and education.

Ph: 0800 426 464



NZCT New Zealanders love their sport and NZCT loves to help them enjoy and participate in their sporting passions. We are excited about the difference we make to local sporting organisations all accross the country. Whether is a school group or adult team, a national sports body or elite competitor, we help New Zealanders of all ages and abilities to take part in just about evry imaginable sporting code.

Ph: 0800 446 928


South Auckland Charitable Trust 

South Auckland Charitable Trust

Ph: (09) 296 1261


Ministry of Social Development

Ministry of Social Development The Misistry of Social Development, Te Manatu Whakahiato Ora, provides strategic social policy advice to New Zealand Government and provides social services to more than one million New Zealanders

Ph: (04) 916 3300

Fax: (04) 918 0099