Te Puru Community Centre

Centre of the Pohutukawa Coast

Welcome to Te Puru Community Centre

The Te Puru Community Centre sits in the heart of the Pohutukawa Coast, offering a range of sports and recreation activities for the local community. Our goal is to provide a hub for the local community where people can come together for exercise and wellbeing, sports, recreation, events and community gatherings.

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The Centre hosts a range of independent sports and social activities on site, ranging from Yoga to Mahjong. Te Puru also provides a home to a wide range of clubs such as Gymnastics, Rugby and Athletics and a selection of local businesses who provide services to the community.

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Te Puru is host to a wide variety of sports and recreational activities, some of these activities are run by our team – our Activities, and others are run by members of the community – our Clubs. We also run a Holiday Programme for children aged 5-13 years old.

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Fields at Te Puru

The Te Puru Community Recreation Centre is managed by the Te Puru Community Charitable Trust. The adjoining sports fields, skate park and netball courts are run by the local Auckland Council. There are further outdoor facilities to be explored in the adjoining Omana Regional Park.

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